Andrew Meronek

J.S. Bach: Passacaglia and Fugue for Brass Quintet

I wrote this last year, and finished it just right when the pandemic hit. So, I never got a chance to read through this with a brass quintet I was playing with at the time. Frustrating, as I put in a lot of work and I think it turned out pretty nice.

Lullaby For Viola

A computer mockup of this pretty lullaby that I wrote for solo viola. The playback doesn’t do many things that a real person would do, like separating strings for triple-stops, but at least this gets the general idea across. I wrote this using 5-limit just intonation, and those key signatures in the score represent different, […]

Jinjer and dealing with very loud environments [Rant]

I’ve been grooving on Jinjer lately, and I finally ended up finding a very “honest” live show recording them. Here, the band still sounds pretty good, but the singer Tatiana is definitely pitchy in her full-voiced vocals. So, stuff in other “live” videos is probably is “fixed” in post-production. However, I think this is probably […]

Microtonal trombone quintet: Star Spangled Banner

My arrangement. This performance is computer-generated using Dorico notation software. The notation is Mixed Sagittal. The “base” tuning is Pythagorean, upon which I added additional accidentals to precisely define the key signature. Sharps and flats represent specifically about 114 cents, which would be the “standard” 3-limit Pythagorean adjustments. The “straight” half-arrows that appear in the […]

My favorite Youtube channels

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Youtube lately, and I think that there’s some excellent content on there. My favorites tend to be channels that are less productive in terms of numbers of episodes churned out per week, and produce fewer, higher quality videos. That’s not to say that some of the faster-paced […]

Sun Gift (Dorico playback)

This is a melodically minimalistic trio I wrote many years ago, but this version has a microtonal (just intonation) treatment, with a 224EDO custom tonality system I defined in Dorico: both the Mixed Sagittal accidentals on a few notes and in the key signature; and the playback, which is excellent given this is fully computer-realized. […]

Extremely dissonant “Pentatonic” scale

The brainstorm inspired by a question on the Xenharmonic Alliance, I decided to create a simple chorale where the scale tones are derived exclusively from wolf intervals: the wolf fifth with its extra syntonic comma, and the wolf octave with its Pythagorean comma. The result here, treating both commas as the same, as they’re only […]

Performance documentation on Youtube

For anyone who is interested, I do have a small history of performances that people have opted to record and put on Youtube: Marie with the Rhythm Society Orchestra A pick-up band for a birthday party, on bass trombone: Chet’s Call Strike Up The Band Miller Time Some things from the Great Basin Jazz Camp: […]

Lesson Requirements

Here is my introduction to lessons document for new trombone students, intended both for them and for parents who may not know much about musical training: Lesson Requirements My approach to teaching private lessons covers a wide range of topics. Music is a doorway to many different disciplines besides literal performance, and I think it’s […]

My Favorite Big Band Recordings

I’m a big band jazz connoisseur. I love playing the music, and I love checking out others. Here follows those I believe are of the highest musical level and well-worth giving attention to, updated as I see fit: bill holman: a view from the side The Bill Holman Band: Brilliant Corners Bob Curnow’s L.A. Big […]