Big Band Transcriptions

The instrumentation format tells the number of: [saxophones/reeds]-[trumpets]-[trombones]-[rhythm section instruments]-[male(M) or female(F) vocals]

Calloway Boogie – Somewhat easy – $50

Instrumentation: 5-4-4-4-M

Every Day I Have The Blues – Somewhat easy – $50

Instrumentation: 5-4-3-4-M

Frisco Fog – Somewhat hard – $50

1st Alto saxophone doubles on B-flat clarinet.

Instrumentation: 5-3-3-3

The Goof – Somewhat easy – $50

Features trombone 1 solo and trumpet 2 solo.

Instrumentation: 5-4-4-4

I Want To Rock – Somewhat easy – $50

Features several relatively brief solos spread around the band. At the time of this recording, Larry Clinton had 4 saxes via 2 altos and 2 tenors. I added a bari part, but it isn’t needed for the orchestration.

Instrumentation: 4(5)-3-3-4

Jumpin’ Jive – Moderately hard – $80

From the classic film Stormy Weather, also known as “Jim Jam Jumpin’ Jive”. I created two versions of this: one of the entire performance and one that is more ‘danceable’ that cuts some of the out-of-time sequences toward the end, mainly involving the famous sequence of jumping down the giant stairs. Contrary to the common rumor, this film sequence was filmed in several takes, and some of the musical phrasing reflects this, when the music was written to sync with camera movements and frame changes. The “one take only” part only comes from the famous stair jumping sequence, which I suspect the Nicholas Brothers did because they knew it was dangerous and didn’t want to risk injury in a rehearsal before an actual take. In the film, we can see Harold almost get his hand landed on during Fayard’s last jump.

Instrumentation: 5-4-4-4-M

Minor Riff – Hard – $50

Definitely a physical blow for the horns.  The instrumentation includes 2 bass trombone parts.

Instrumentation: 5-5-5-4

The Sergeant Was Shy – Hard – $50

Both alto saxophones and tenor saxophone doubles on clarinets.

Instrumentation: 4-3-3-4

Robbin’s Nest – Somewhat easy – $50

Instrumentation: 5-4-4-4

Steppin’ Into Swing Society – Somewhat hard – $50

Features a baritone saxophone solo.

Instrumentation: 5-3-3-4

Teardrops From My Eyes – Somewhat hard – $50

Instrumentation: 5-4-4-4-M

Triskaidekophobia – Somewhat easy – $50

Instrumentation: 5-3-3-4-M

Willow Weep For Me – Somewhat easy – $50

Instrumentation: 5-5-5-4-F

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