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Musically Informative Websites

Just Intonation Explained by Kyle Gann
IMSLP Petrucci Music Library
The Internet Archive
Learn Jazz Standards
Sagittal Microtonal Notation
Scala Home Page (Intonation experimentation software)
American Trombone Workshop
Xenharmonic WIKI

Fellow Musicians’ Websites (who I work with and/or just plain respect)

Nick Backos
Evola Music
Five Lakes Silver Band
Gary Greenfelder Orchestra
Scott Gwinnell
PKO Records (Paul Keller Orchestra)
Kepler Quartet
Kerry Moffit
North Oakland Dixieland Band
Rhythm Society Orchestra
Rick Robinson (Mr. Cut Time)
James Darcy Argue’s Secret Society
Greg Simon
RJ Spangler
Craig Strain
Kenneth Thompkins
Mike Williams

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