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Other Ensembles

Chaconne – Difficult – $20

My modern take on this very classic musical form, originally meant as accompaniment for a speech. But I think it stands well on its own. This is for a slightly unusual instrumentation: the classic woodwind quintet plus string bass.

Chaconne Score

O Holy Night – Easy – $10

A very straight-forward arrangement of the classic Adolph Adam tune for trombone quartet.


Edvard Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 – Difficult – $120

This is arranged for Rick Robinson’s chamber group (consisting of flute, A clarinet, bassoon, C trumpet, trombone, timpani, auxiliary percussion, violin, and string bass) that he has used for some of his Classical Revolution Detroit public concerts. I can generate B-flat clarinet and trumpet parts if no A clarinet or C trumpet is available.


Clara Schuman’s Prelude In B-Flat Major – Moderately difficult – $20

A beautiful prelude by one of the 19th century’s most prominent female composers and performers. I set this one to brass quintet.

Prelude in Bb Major Score

Two Chorales For Brass Quintet – Easy – $10

This is a very simple arrangement of Low In The Grave He Lay and Christ The Lord Is Risen, Today, Sons; suitable for background music church services.



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