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Microtonal trombone quintet: Star Spangled Banner

My arrangement. This performance is computer-generated using Dorico notation software. The notation is Mixed Sagittal. The “base” tuning is Pythagorean, upon which I added additional accidentals to precisely define the key signature. Sharps and flats represent specifically about 114 cents, which would be the “standard” 3-limit Pythagorean adjustments. The “straight” half-arrows that appear in the key signature and as accidentals throughout represent a change of 21 cents to specify 5-limit tuning; the “large curved” half-arrows represent a change of 27 cents to specify a 7-limit tuning; and the “small curved” half-arrows represent a change of 6 cents to specify an interval that adds both 5-limit and 7-limit alterations. In a nutshell, all that means that those adjustments will get you in tune according to the intended harmonic relationships, and it should sound pretty and beatless.

This video performance is obviously stilted as only a computer can be, but all things considered, not too shabby. And perhaps (I hope!) a useful reference for anyone who wants to play this and figure out the tuning stuff. Let me know if you’re interested! I’d love to get a good live recording by real humans.

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