5-Limit Scales

I uploaded to Youtube a series of reference playback videos of some forms of 5-limit scales, based on using various combinations of major and minor triads as the primary chords. Besides the microtonal information, these have practical application for lots of common music. The ‘consonant’ triads should be relative easy for performers on pitch-adjustable instruments (like singers) to tune, and the ‘dissonant’ intervals also should be, due to having at least 2 of the 3 intervals being a ‘consonant’ interval easy to find. The ‘ugly’ triads are much harder to tune by ear.

The playback is realized via Dorico 2.2.1, using a 224EDO custom tonality system. Thus, this playback is not perfectly just, but 224EDO certainly gives a reasonably close approximation so that just colors are fairly clear. Astute listeners will still be able to pick out some beating.

5-Limit Scales Youtube Playlist

A PDF copy of the collection for reference outside of the internet:

5-Limit Scales

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