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Little Big Band Charts (Nonet/Dectet)

The instrumentation format tells the number of: [saxophones/reeds]-[trumpets]-[trombones]-[rhythm section instruments]

Calusul – Arrangement – Extremely difficult – $40

This is the dectet version of my arrangement of the Romanian folk song by the same name. It is a significant soprano saxophone feature, and it is extremely polyrhythmically difficult. Top professional orchestras will have to rehearse this piece to figure it out. However, in my humble opinion I have never done a better job of creating exciting dramatic structure in a chart, so if you have a band that loves to tackle polyrhythms (and an excellent soprano player) this may work excellently for you. A recording of the big band version is available here.

Instrumentation: 3-2-1-4

Dusk Shadows – Original composition – Somewhat difficult – $40

This is an original song, arranged for reduced-size big band and vocalist. It is fairly easy to play through; the pianist has the climax of the arrangement built into the piano solo. The vocal part is a bit rangey, covering an octave and a half.

Instrumentation: 3-2-1-3

Vocal range: A2-D4

Kernel Bogie – Arrangement – Moderately difficult – $40

The famous march Colonel Bogey by British Lieutenant F. J. Ricketts provides the melodic framework for this piece, set to a New Orleans-style second-line march feel. I ended up attempting some Bill Holman imitation with this arrangement, so expect some interesting curveballs – mainly, I played with how phrases become offset from expectations. The climax can be a bit taxing for the brass, but it isn’t too nasty. I built in specific solos with unique aspects for piccolo and trumpet. The piccolo part will sound fantastic if you have someone who can play it, but that part will work fine if on flute instead. The chart can work if you have no one to cover the pic part (although not as well, as some harmony parts will be missed) but I arranged this for a group in which the vocalist is also a fantastic flute and piccolo player.

Instrumentation: 4-2-1-3

Flight Of The Flat Flitteries – Original composition – Somewhat easy – $40

A catchy, fanciful metaphorical flight into flittery land. Note the 4 woodwinds instrumentation which includes flute and clarinet.

Instrumentation: 4-2-1-3

O Holy Night – Arrangement – Somewhat difficult – $40

This famous piece by Adolph Adam here is arranged as a jazz waltz. There are no improvised solos in this arrangement, but written-out solo lines in the trombone and piano. The guitar part is optional, with important guitar figures included as cues in other parts.

Instrumentation: 3-2-2-4

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